RAPID WILDLIFE CONTROL is your best choice for bat removal services  for homeowners across Baltimore County, Baltimore City, Howard County, Anne Arundel County, Prince George’s County, and Montgomery County. Bats are not the first critters that come to mind for most people who think about wildlife removal, but when they invade your home, you want a proven expert to help you get rid of them.  We have spent years in the wildlife removal and pest control industry, so we know all the tricks of the trade. Our customers span the spectrum from small residential property owners to large commercial property managers, and we have yet to find a pest we cannot best. Bats are especially tricky because of their mode of transportation, but we can remove them from your home or business safely and effectively. Our team of wildlife professionals has compiled answers to some frequently asked questions below, but please call us with any bat removal questions of your own.

What Types of Bats Could Infiltrate My Home?

There are at least 10 different types of bats in Maryland. However, the types of bats that may form colonies and seek shelter in your residential or commercial property are typically limited to little brown bats, big brown bats, northern long-eared bats, and evening bats. Additionally, Indiana bats have been documented in Pennsylvania buildings, so you must be wary of those. Most of these species will leave on their own during the fall to seek hibernation shelter, but big brown bats may remain. Regardless of the type of bats on your property, it is critical to remove them as soon as you can to avoid harm. RAPID WILDLIFE CONTROL can help.

Are Bats Harmful?

Absolutely. Bat guano, the waste they leave behind, can pose significant health risks. Disturbing bat guano can lead to airborne particles that carry potential health hazards. When these particles are inhaled, they can cause Histoplasmosis, a respiratory disease that can seriously impact your lung health. Histoplasmosis is a concern when bat droppings are disturbed, whether during cleaning or movement through affected areas. It’s essential to understand that even seemingly harmless activities like sweeping can inadvertently release these particles into the air. Inhaling them can result in respiratory complications and flu-like symptoms. Contact RAPID WILDLIFE CONTROL for your bat removal services today.


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Bats can be exciting to read about in comic books or study at the zoo, but you do not want to share a home or office with them. They can introduce disease and disrupt your peace and quiet. Once they enter your home, it may be challenging to get them to leave. When that happens, rely on the experts at RAPID WILDLIFE CONTROL. We are bat removal experts and we want to restore normalcy to your property. Contact us today for a consultation, estimate, or inspection.

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