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If you have come across signs of a fox in your home or business, it is crucial to contact a wildlife professional promptly to prevent any additional damage to your property. Foxes can become aggressive if they feel threatened. Here at RAPID WILDLIFE CONTROL, our team of wildlife control professionals possesses decades of experience in effectively removing foxes from homes and businesses across Baltimore County, Baltimore City, Howard County, Anne Arundel County, Prince George’s County, and Montgomery County.. Rest assured, we will swiftly and humanely handle the fox intruder, ensuring minimal impact on your property. Your safety and the well-being of the fox are our top priorities, and we are dedicated to resolving the situation efficiently and responsibly.

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Foxes are perhaps the most intelligent of all pests native to the United States. Cunning, hardy, and adaptable, they are skilled at infiltrating human residences in search of food. If you suspect a fox issue on your property, it’s crucial to promptly seek the assistance of a wildlife professional. At RAPID WILDLIFE CONTROL, we provide humane and highly-effective fox removal services to residential and commercial areas in Columbia, MD, and surrounding regions. We are committed to addressing fox problems with care and efficiency to ensure the safety of both humans and foxes.

Foxes are nocturnal mammals found in all 50 states. Roughly the size of house cats, they are distinguished by their dexterous front paws and furry facial masks around their eyes. Foxes also boast thick fur coats, bushy tails with distinctive white tips, and impressive intelligence. Studies have shown that they can remember solutions for certain tasks for extended periods, up to 3 years. For homeowners and business owners, dealing with the omnivorous fox can be a challenging task. Foxes are known to enter buildings in search of food, and during the night, they may rummage through cupboards and closets before leaving with their finds. Additionally, they have a reputation for raiding garbage cans and dumpsters.

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Since foxes are relatively large as far as pests go, they typically leave obvious signs of their presence. These signs include property damage such as scratched surfaces, broken items, or torn fabrics — as well as visible or pungent feces and urine. Foxes are also quite audible at night. Listen for scratching, whimpering, or chattering on your property after the sun goes down. It may indicate fox activity. Perhaps the most important thing homeowners and business owners can do to prevent fox intrusions is to make sure their buildings are completely closed-off at night. This means no unlocked doors or windows, and no holes, cracks, or other entry points that might allow a fox to sneak inside. Furthermore, it’s essential to remove any left-out food on your property. Keep food properly stored inside and ensure your outdoor garbage cans/dumpsters are securely shut. Taking these precautions can help reduce the likelihood of foxes becoming a problem on your premises.
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