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RAPID Wildlife CONTROL provides wildlife removal services to Baltimore County, Baltimore City. Howard County, Anne Arundel County, Howard County, Prince Georges County and Montgomery County. Our staff specializes in resolving human-wildlife conflicts. We’ll answer your most frequently asked questions about wildlife removal on your property. Contact us if you have further questions. 

There are differing state laws regarding removing wildlife from property. In Maryland, animals can only be removed from a home if a professional with a permit traps them. If an animal has rabies, it must be euthanized. We focus on performing the most humane way to remove wildlife from your property. If an animal is healthy, we relocate it. If the animal is sick or injured, it might be in the animal’s best interest to be humanely euthanize it.

If you find a wild animal or suspect there is one in your home, contact us to determine the next steps. We can lead you to the best possible place to call for the animal. We can pick up many types of wildlife, but there are a few illegal animals for us to remove from your property.

Wildlife operators use different types of traps for different animals and situations. We use legal, effective traps that are specific to each case. We try to use live-capture cage traps to ensure the safety of each animal.

For a fee, we do pick up dead animals. Animal services or the city will take care of dead animals as well. Contact a wildlife control professional if you have a dead animal on your property and do not know how to dispose of it properly.

Yes, we can usually repair the damaged areas left by wildlife. If the damage is too extensive, we will recommend a qualified contractor to perform the job, so it does not happen again.

No, we only provide service for wildlife animals.For domestic animals, please call your local animal control services.

No, the city and county animal services only deal with domestic animals. Some government services will set a trap and get the animal once it is in the trap. They will not inspect your property or find the cause of the intrusion. Our specialized field requires the dedication of a complete job for wildlife removal, including finding and fixing the issue that caused the problems.

Most pest control companies only treat insects, rats, mice, and things of this nature. We have a wildlife biologist on staff that specializes in resolving human-wildlife conflicts. Our wildlife specialist is trained in dealing with large animals and insects on a different scale. It is essential to have a company deal with wildlife issues that has extensive experience with wild animals.

Our main goal is to solve issues with wildlife. We do not rehabilitate or rescue injured or lost animals. Many wild animals have litters of young and know some will not survive. They abandon their babies for a reason. If we try to save the animal, it might cause an imbalance to natural order.

Yes, we will check your attic. Upon inspection, we’ll look for any damage, wiring problems, feces, urine, and insulation compaction

We are currently serving: Baltimore County, Baltimore City. Howard County, Anne Arundel County, Howard County, Prince Georges County and Montgomery County.

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