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If you have encountered signs of a rabbit in your home or business, it is important to call a rabbit removal company as quickly as possible to prevent further damage to your property. Rabbits may cause damage through their chewing and digging behaviors. Here at RAPID WILDLIFE CONTROL, our wildlife control professionals have decades of experience in safely and humanely removing rabbits from homes and businesses across Baltimore County, Baltimore City, Howard County, Anne Arundel County,  Prince George’s County, and Montgomery County. We’ll handle your rabbit intruder quickly and with care, ensuring minimal damage to your property.

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If you are experiencing issues with rabbits on your property, consider reaching out to a wildlife control service that specializes in rabbit management and removal. These services are designed to help homeowners and businesses address rabbit-related problems in a humane and effective manner.

Rabbit wildlife control refers to the management and removal of rabbits from residential or commercial properties when they become a nuisance or cause damage. While rabbits are generally harmless creatures, they can become pests when they start eating garden plants, digging burrows, or causing other types of property damage.

When homeowners or businesses face rabbit-related issues, they can seek the assistance of professional wildlife control services that specialize in dealing with rabbit problems. These wildlife control services use humane methods to address the situation, ensuring that rabbits are handled with care and released into suitable habitats when necessary.

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Since rabbits are relatively large as far as pests go, they typically leave obvious signs of their presence. These signs include property damage such as nibbled surfaces, chewed items, or torn fabrics — as well as visible or pungent feces and urine. Rabbits can also be quite audible at night. Listen for scratching, rustling, or soft thumping sounds on your property after the sun goes down. It may indicate rabbit activity.

Perhaps the most important thing homeowners and business owners can do to prevent rabbit intrusions is to make sure their buildings are completely closed-off at night. This means no unlocked doors or windows, and no holes, cracks, or other points of entry that might allow a rabbit to sneak inside. Furthermore, it is essential to remove any left-out food on your property. Keep food properly stored inside and ensure your outdoor garbage cans/dumpsters are securely shut to minimize rabbit attraction.

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